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Both Leslie and Lorin are passionate about sharing their love of Canadian Art Song.  On April 5, 2016 they released the first CD in the Canadian Art Song Series

“On a teaching assignment at Juilliard, I attended a concert celebrating The American Songbook. How wonderful that the honouring of American Song remains a tradition of that esteemed school. I remember thinking how Canada has its own treasure trove of home-grown art song and became determined to bring this outlook home.

And where better to applaud the Canadian Art Song than at Wilfrid Laurier University, where Canadian repertoire is a yearly requirement for voice majors. There are so many Canadian gems waiting to be discovered and brought to life.

What a gift it has been to record with Lorin. He and I share a deep musical sensitivity, lots of laughter and a kindred spirit in the making of this Canadian dream.” - Leslie Fagan


“Canadian music has been neglected!  Many times over the course of a school year, my students, eager to learn pieces of Canadian repertoire, have come to me unable to find recordings to listen to.  This in part is why I'm so pleased to collaborate on such an important project. 

This music is beautiful.  It is accessible and appropriate for students.  It shines at the touch of a trained professional.  It is easy for the casual listener and for the trained ear. It is sensuously tranquil. I am proud of this Canadian project which brings this evocative music out in the open, accessible for all. 

It has been a privilege to work with Leslie, a great artist and hilarious soul." - Lorin Shalanko


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